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Judge Knight on plans for railroad overpass in Dayton

We have reported the Houston Galveston Area Council of Governments approved $46 million in funding for a highway overpass on 90 at the rail crossing. Liberty County Judge Jay Knight said the HGAC Transportation Council approved the $46 million overpass project and in addition to that federal funding, the Texas Department of Transportation Freight Advisory Committee indicated another $60 million in state funding will also be made available for that same project. With construction to help alleviate traffic congestion on 90 in Dayton finally in the works, Judge Knight said it has been effort ongoing for years. The Liberty County Judge said railroad companies Union Pacific and BNSF had no interest in an overpass at the present location, but became very interested in plans to relocate the overpass and the rail crossing itself a few miles west of where it is now. Liberty County Judge Jay Knight said if all goes well the entire project could be completed in about 3 years. He said that would  That would be roughly the same time as the Grand Parkway – SH 99 – opens to traffic passing through Liberty County.  

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