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Commissioners seek land for 'roundabout' to improve traffic safety in Plum Grove area

Liberty County Commissioners have authorized County Attorney Matthew Poston to negotiate with a landowner to acquire property for what’s called a “roundabout” to relieve traffic congestion in the Plum Grove area. During Tuesday’s regular meeting of commissioners’ court, the county attorney said there are efforts under way to construct a roundabout at the intersection of FM 2090 and FM 1010, also known as Plum Grove Road. A roundabout is a circular intersection in which road traffic flows in one direction around a central island. Also called a traffic circle, experts say this type of intersection increases safety and improves traffic flow. Mr. Poston said a county resident has been willing to pay for the property acquisition and then donate the land to the state to make that roundabout possible. However, Matthew Poston said the landowners of one of the pieces of property needed for the project have been resistant to selling a 150-foot strip of land.  The landowners are Mario Antonio Gutierrez Gomez and Gabriela Guadalupe Perez de Gutierrez. Mr. Poston said the county is prepared to make a reasonable offer for the 150-foot strip of land so a roundabout can be constructed at FM 1010 and FM 2090 in the Plum Grove area. If the county is unable to purchase the property, commissioners could then use imminent domain procedures to acquire the land. Those individuals who are trying to make that project happen are also in talks with Texas Department of Transportation to eventually construct the roundabout.

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