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Liberty council approves ordinance targeting commercial vehicle parking

The Liberty City Council met Tuesday and approved an ordinance prohibiting large commercial vehicles from parking on residential streets. We reported that back in February, Liberty City Manager Tom Warner told Liberty Council there was a growing problem of large, commercial vehicles parking on some of the city’s narrower thoroughfares. Mr. Warner said Travis Street in particular was an area of concern though there were others. Liberty Council members agreed then it was a growing safety concern but did not want to harm anyone’s business in the process of restricting these vehicles. City Manager Tom Warner said in at least one case, a large 18-wheel truck has been reported parked on a Liberty residential street. The ordinance Liberty City Council passed Tuesday prohibits the parking of boats, campers, large vehicles, motor homes, recreational vehicles and trailers that weigh more than 26,000 pounds from parking on city streets for more than two hours at a time. Liberty City Attorney Brandon Davis said that would exempt any large vehicle parked in front of a residence for loading or unloading items. The only other exemption is for large vehicles parked at active job sites. That includes work trucks making repairs or vendor trucks parked at the Liberty Jubilee. That exception would only come with prior city manager approval. City Attorney Brandon Davis said he and City Manager Tom Warner crafted the ordinance to be sufficient to keep large vehicles from blocking residential streets without being too restrictive. City of Liberty Police Chief Gary Martin said his department would work with those in violation of the city ordinance within reason before writing tickets or impounding vehicles. Once again, Liberty City Council approved an ordinance to prohibit any vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds from parking on residential streets. City Manager Tom Warner estimated there are currently between 15 and 20 vehicles that are now in violation of that ordinance. The owners of those vehicles will be notified of the new ordinance and given sufficient time to move their vehicles to other locations.

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