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Applicator training class February 28

The Liberty County AgriLife Extension Service will hold another Private Pesticide Applicator Training Thursday, February 28. This class is for those who want to obtain a license to apply pesticides that are otherwise restricted by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Each year, many farmers and ranchers obtain this license so they can spray for weeds and pests in their own fields and along fence lines. During the class, participants will learn the proper procedures for applying pesticides and calibrating sprayers. Attendees will also learn regulations for safely applying those pesticides. Please note - this is just the training course. The required state testing is done weekly at locations in Houston. Texas Department of Agriculture does not test in Liberty County. Once more, that Private Pesticide Applicator training course is Thursday, February 28, beginning at 8 a.m. in the Liberty County Extension Office, 501 Palmer Avenue in Liberty. Don’t forget, advance registration is required. Entry deadline is Tuesday, February 26. Cost for the training is $75. That covers all educational materials. For information or to sign up, call the extension office during business hours at 936-334-3230.

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