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Daily Radiogram

Thursday January 30, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014 08:00 - 17:00
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Volume 29, No. 20 Thursday, January 30, 2014

LISD Grievance: Liberty school trustees considered a Level 3 Grievance from an employee who had been dismissed, Nadine Milburn, during last week’s board meeting. According to discussions at the meeting, Ms. Milburn was driving a bus on the first day of classes when she allegedly disregarded a police officer’s directive as she exited the San Jacinto Elementary School parking lot. Ms. Milburn said she was following the route map given her by the school district that called for turning a different direction. That fact is not in dispute. LISD Legal Counsel Randy Gunter said Nadine Milburn was fired for disregarding the peace officer despite that map. When the hearing concluded, LISD trustees took no action, meaning the bus driver will not get her job back.


HullState now TexasFirst: Several months ago KSHN radio reported that Hull State Bank had been acquired by Texas First Bank. Advertisements in local newspapers announce that Hull State would be renamed as Texas First Bank January 31st, this Friday. Our best information indicates the two Hull State Bank locations will continue to be managed by Linda Taylor in Hull and by Brenda Grimes in Liberty. Texas First now has 24 banking centers.


Stay Ahead of the Pests: Liberty Pest Control President Richard Vinson said his message to those with bug or rodent problems is simple. If it’s something you can handle yourself, handle it. If not, call a professional but don’t wait too long. He said it’s important to remember once pests are eliminated to be proactive about a maintenance program. The insecticides used today are designed to breakdown quickly so as not to have long-lasting effects on the environment. That’s why maintenance needs to be done regularly.


Snow-Maggedon 2014: As far as winter weather goes, the latest round of precipitation fell short of original predictions. Several school districts around south east Texas took a preemptive strike on Monday by canceling classes for Tuesday and some went so far as canceling Wednesday as well. With this round of winter weather now past, all schools districts and government offices have returned to regular schedules. 


Obituaries: Herbert Noble Fregia, 86 of Batson. Graveside service 2 p.m. tomorrow Guedry Cemetery in Batson.

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